What is Live Brand Auction (LBA)?

Live Brand Auction (LBA) is a unique shopping website for luxury goods enthusiasts and resellers. On LBA, you can participate in online auctions, similar to a real-life auction, where you can bid on items presented by our auctioneers via live-streaming videos in real-time!


In order to ensure the best shopping experience for you, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND the following in order to use our site:

  • Fast and modern computer, running either MacOS or Windows, connected to the internet via WiFi or LAN cable
  • Fast and reliable internet connection such as DSL, Cable, Fiber-optics
  • The latest version of Chrome or Firefox browser

Please try to avoid the following:

  • Smartphone and tablets (including iPhones, iPads, and iPods)
  • Internet connection via Satellite or 3G/4G/LTE (or any data network on your cellphone)
  • Internet Explorer or Edge browser

How do I create an account?

Before you can participate in an auction, you must create an account on LBA with your email address, and provide your name and address (for order processing and shipping purposes).

  1. In order to create an account, click on the “Login” on the upper right-hand corner.
  2. On the “Login/Register” page, please fill in a user name (Note: This will be visible to other participants while in auction and you cannot change it later), your email address, first name and last name (For order processing and shipping. They WILL NOT be shown publicly and MUST BE accurate) and click “Register”.
  3. Once your account has been registered successfully, you will be taken to your dashboard. You must now enter your billing address, and a separate shipping address if applicable. Click on the “My Address” tab. (Note: We will ALWAYS ship your order to the billing address UNLESS a separate shipping address is provided).
  4. Enter your billing address, and click “Save” at the bottom of your screen. If you would like to have your order shipped to a different address, check “Ship to a different address” box under “Shipping Address”. You will be able to enter a separate address from your billing address. Be sure to click “Save” again once you have entered the shipping address.
  5. Once you click “Save”, there might be red warning messages if some (or all) of the required information are missing. Please fill in the missing fields above the warning messages if necessary and click “Save” again. Otherwise, your account is now ready to participate in an auction.

How do I participate in an auction?

In order to participate in an auction (ie. view live-streaming videos of our items, and place bids to purchase them), you must first create an account and provide your shipping information. Once you have completed the steps in “How do I create in an account?” above, you are ready to participate in one of our auctions.

  1. Go to the top page, or the “Auctions” page from the menu, and click on an auction that you would like to participate in. (Note: The auctions start on certain dates at certain times. Be sure to check the starting time of an auction by looking at the date and the time below the auction name.)
  2. Once the auction starts, your video feed should start automatically. If not, click on the Play button in the middle of the video screen. (Note: Your video might not start immediately. Allow up to 10 seconds for the video to start playing. If it doesn’t start, please try refreshing your browser and try again.)
  3. You are now ready to place bids. You can also view the details of our featured items for the auction, such as their names, ratings, and pictures, by scrolling down. This will help you prepare yourself for bidding on upcoming items.

How does bidding work on LBA?

  1. Our auctioneer will present the items one by one. Simply wait until the auctioneer put the item you want up for bidding. (Note: You cannot place bids until then, and the “Max Bid” or the “Quick Bid” buttons will not work).
  2. Once the auctioneer puts an item up for bidding, you will see the item name below the “Quick Bid” button, next to “Product”. Make sure it is the item you would like to bid on. (Note: All bids are final once you place them, meaning you cannot retract the bids.)
  3. You can place bids in 2 ways, by specifying the maximum bidding amount in a field marked “USD” then clicking the “Max Bid” button, or by simply clicking the “Quick Bid” button. (Note: The “Quick Bid” will place a maximum bid for the current price + $5. The bidding amount is always shown on the button itself, ie “Quick Bid (120)” for $120.)
  4. The price of the item will rise incrementally and automatically, all the way up to the maximum bidding amount you placed above. You can check your current maximum bid by looking at “My max bid”. For the current price of the item, check “Current Price” under “Product”. (Note: The price will not increase until there is a counter-bid from another participant.)
  5. You can check the current winner for the item by looking at “Current winner” under “Current price”. If you are currently the highest bidder, thus winning the item, your username will be shown in green there.
  6. If you were out-bid (meaning someone else placed a higher maximum bid than you), you will no longer be the current winner, and the “Current winner” username will change to reflect it. Repeat Step 3 until you are the winner again.
  7. Once the auctioneer is happy with the price of the item or sufficient time has passed, they will start a countdown timer to stop accepting bids. Place your final bids before the countdown timer shown on the bottom of your screen runs out. (Note: The auctioneer may also retract the item if there are no bids or the current price doesn’t meet the reserve price after some time.)
  8. Once the countdown timer runs out, the item will be considered sold to the highest bidder (the current winner at the time the timer runs). The username of the winner of the last item will be shown in “Last winner” below the “Current winner”.
  9. If you were the winner of the item, you will be prompted with the little notification box. Congratulations! You can keep participating in the auction and bid on more items as you desire, or leave the auction by closing the browser window. The item(s) you have won up until that point are saved automatically, and you may come back to pay for them after the auction finishes.

How do I pay for item(s) I won with a credit card?

  1. If you won an item (or more) in an auction, please click to “Your Account” from the menu. (Note: You will be able to pay for the item(s) ONLY AFTER the auction finishes.)
  2. The item(s) you won will be combined into an order, and will be shown under “My Orders”. Click on an order and you will be able to see the item(s) within the order. Please make sure the item(s) are correct, then click the “Pay with Credit Card” button.
  3. Please enter your credit card information, and click “Pay”. Once your order has been paid, we will prepare it for shipment.

How do I pay for item(s) I won with PayPal?

Please follow the steps above but instead of selecting “Pay with Credit Card”, select “PayPal” and follow the instructions from PayPal. However, please note e-checks are not accepted.