List of Common Issues and Fixes

Please make sure you are meeting our technical requirements first before reading further.

Where Can I Ask Questions about the Products While In Auction?

LBA is a fast-paced online auction, akin to a real-life auction, and is designed for serious collectors and resellers. In order to keep the pace of the auction and provide you with the best possible experience, we do not take questions regarding the products during an auction.

You can scroll down on the auction page to reveal a list of featured items for the auction. Click on an item of interest and you will be able to see large, detailed pictures, as well as our professional gradings and additional notes.

My Video Doesn’t Start (Even after clicking the play button) or Is Blank/Black.

Please wait for up to 10 seconds for the video to start. If the video doesn’t start after 10 seconds, please try refreshing your browser and try again.

My Video Is Choppy, or It Freezes or Stutters.

Please try refreshing your browser first and see if the problem persists. If it does, it is likely that your internet connection or the device you are using is still not sufficient to use our site in an intended way. Please try closing other applications and/or browser tabs/windows on your device, or make sure there’s no other device on your home network that is using an excessive amount of your bandwidth (such as downloading large files or streaming other videos.)

My Video Has Delays, or Not In Sync With The Auction.

We use the latest streaming video technology to provide the best viewing experience possible. However, please understand the video has to go through many servers and computer networks across the world to get to you that are outside of our control. Due to this technical complexity, there will always be minor, varying delays (of between 1-10 seconds). If you are experiencing significant delays, please try refreshing your browser, or using another device.

My Bids Are Not Going Through.

Please make sure you are not already the highest bidder. If you are the highest bidder and there are no counter-bids from other participants, the current price will remain the same even when you place a higher maximum bid.

Similarly, if someone else has already placed a higher maximum bid before you place a bid, you will be out-bid and the winner will remain the same, even when your bid goes through. Please keep bidding with increasingly higher bidding amounts, until your name will be shown in green next to the “current winner”.

My Credit Card Is Not Going Through.

Please try paying with the same card again, or try paying with your PayPal account. We will refund the payment in case of double spending. If the payment still doesn’t go through on your 2nd attempt, please try using another card, or contacting your bank. On the rare occasions they occur, they are caused by your bank (or credit card issuer) blocking the payment to us for some reason.

Can I pay with PayPal?

Yes. Please click on “PayPal” from “Your Account” – > “Your Order” and proceed with your payment as you normally would with any other PayPal payments. However, e-checks are not accepted.

Can I combine orders from LBA and live sales by J-Ports on Facebook?

No, the orders are kept separately and there is no way for us to combine them.

My Questions Are Not Listed / I Have A Suggestion

Please use a contact form from the Contact Us page to send us your inquiry/suggestion. We will get back to you within 24 hours!