Reselling is easy! A stable business is not.

Many luxury re-sellers simply needed more space in the closet, got lucky with a solid profit on their surplus pieces, then inspired once the money was in the bank.

LBA Attendees resell in a variety of ways. If you’re just staring out, here are the Easy, Medium & Hard ways of re-selling:

EASY: Consigning to established brands!
Reselling these days is as simple as picking your website of choice
Here’s a few examples:

Download their app or go through their website.
Then simply shoot a few photos, describe it quickly and voilà, you’ve listed your first item for sale!
If you simply want to make space for new items in your closet, there’s a good chance the profit from your sales will add up to several new pieces from us.
And, possibly a bit extra as LBA’s going prices are very competitive. Maybe turn that closet into a display?

Naturally these sites take a cut from your sale, as they do provide a platform, and the credibility of their brand name. This is why you’ll see higher returns on eBay or Poshmark, but at the cost of seeming less trustworthy than items on The Real Real or Vestiaire Collective.

MEDIUM: Online Side-business!
If you wish to circumvent paying the big pages commision, a common method is to do private sales through social media pages.
Whether it’s a closed Facebook group for trusted members only, or instagram/tiktok live sale, these are good ways to connect with smaller audiences that you can build trust with over time.
This method however puts a lot more responsibility on you, and generally requires more time and effort, compared to the automated solutions of the bigger companies. However, if you manage to go viral through content marketing, and contacts, you might even see bigger returns than established businesses margin wise.
If you’re establishing yourself as a social media seller, LBA provides a convenient way to source lots of items, in a short time.
With pictures & descriptions available pre-purchase, you can easily ask customers if they are interested before you have to commit to bidding.

HARD: Be your own boss!
If you notice many of your friends dream of more and prettier bags, and the general community and connections you have are not savvy enough to shop pre-loved themselves, you’ve got yourself a goldmine.
If your potential customers only know the retail price of the products, their value perception of second hand items will be also quite high.

However, opening your own business full time is both the most time-consuming and challenging route of them all.
Not only will you have to invest time and energy into a venue, website and marketing, you’ll also need to process items, be aware of the items authenticity and list them for sale.
Lucky for you, LBA has the fastest way of acquiring many gorgeous bags at great going prices, all while offering even more convenient VIP solutions for those who buy more than $5000 a month. You also need not worry about authenticity as you are sourcing from a credible auction house.